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I. Apt Unit No. etc. State City/Town Zip Primary Phone click to add click to remove The undersigned fiduciary accepts appointment as and stand s personally bound to the First Justice of said Court and his or her successors as obligee for the benefit of the persons interested in the estate and declare s the above estimates to be true and accurate to the best of his/her knowledge and belief. Date Signature of Fiduciary MPC 801 10/23/12 page of Persons who sign as sureties may be individually or...
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on the bench today I've got the X case X to MPC we do this in a number of colors I'm looking at my favorite which is the black red now first thing I have to say about this case taking pictures of it just do not get do it any justice whatsoever it really is an attractive-looking case we've got three 525 bays a flip-down CD cover on the top one front USBS front audio hard drive activity power LED and the reset hopefully you'll see a reflection this is because the case itself it's got card like paintwork and as I've already said the black red really works well let's have a closer look okay first thing to notice what been great 120mm fan on the side panel with a CPU vent now the x2 MPC range is unusual as in they're quite small cases but they take full-size boards we've done this by moving the standard position of the power supply from here down to here so what this does it gives us more room for a motherboard but reduces the size of the overall case on the rear we've got another 120 ml fan a space for a hard drive and 74 high expansion ports tickets standard motherboard connections including HD audio and a molex plug hair up the front LED and this area lights up we can fit over a standard floppy drive card reader and another hard drive here or two hard drives and three 525 drives now if you're a PC builder and used to call a masters or another well-known brand this range is certainly worth a look at it's different very stunning when you see it in the flesh or the still pics or strong construction and it really is highly recommended thank you for listening
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